Taittough.com testing the toughest, mission critical grade portables

Tait-Tough-Durable-P25-DMR-RadiosBy Evan Forester,
Tait Tough Tester

We’ve come a long way since we first tossed a portable into a trash can and threw it down a hill. Since starting, we have created 14 different Tait Tough videos. One explains the technical aspects of our design and testing, while the other 13 each feature the craziest tests we could imagine.

We were surprised when our portable survived a heavy duty dishwasher, endured a tank, and withstood a catapult launch. One of our clients, Panola County, even got in on the fun inadvertently with their own fire test. But I suppose we shouldn’t really be surprised, after all, Tait radios are among the toughest in the industry.

We’re proud of our products, and we’re proud of the Tait Tough message. We’ve decided to bring all the different videos, specifications, and client quotes together into one special website: www.Taittough.com

This is your chance to watch and share all of the Tait Tough videos in one place.

Watch this little montage to get started and once you’re done, check out the new website and see what happens when a portable radio gets dropped 100 meters, hit by a bowling ball, sprayed with a water cannon, and more…



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