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Tait Connection - Issue 4by Lorraine Bonisch, Editor, Connection Magazine

We have just released the latest edition of Connection – Issue 4.

In four issues of Connection, we’ve now brought you 60 articles from our technical experts, thought leaders and people in the field. For example, have a look at Dave Slaten’s feature on Vehicle Area Networks, Richard Winter’s practical advice on ways to increase your network resilience and how to manage the human aspects of a technology rollout. Readership continues to increase as we reach out to everyone involved in mission-critical comms.

Like the last edition, you can read this one on your Android, iOS and Kindle Fire devices too.

If you are a Connection newbie, don’t forget to check out earlier issues. Feedback tells us our readers are finding them a great ongoing resource.

Speaking of feedback, we really want to know what you’re thinking about Connection, what you’d like to see in future issues, and what you don’t think is useful. Format? Frequency? Size? We want to hear it all.

And if you are interested in getting your own article into print, let’s talk about it! We want to hear from you.

Read the latest issue of Connection Magazine!

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