First Steps to your P25 System

Wise up on P25 radioBy Evan Forester, Marketing Campaigns Coordinator, Tait Communications.

Last week we introduced the new P25 Best Practice guides and website. Today we’ll dive a bit deeper to take a look at the first guide: First Steps to your P25 System.

I recently drove to a friend’s house and attempted a short cut. Unfortunately, I started by making the wrong turn. I ended up in a place I was unfamiliar with, but kept guessing the general direction of my destination. After a while, I literally found myself on the complete opposite side of town.

So much for finding a short cut.

If your first steps are not correct, then don’t be surprised if you finish at the wrong destination. The same holds true for obtaining a new P25 System.

Specifying, Procuring, and Implementing your P25 system is a large and daunting task. Making the correct first steps can make all the difference, and so that is why we decided to make our first P25 guide about exactly that. You can learn for yourself what this “First Steps” guide focuses on by watching the video below:

Get started on the right foot. You can browse through the First Steps guide or download the complete PDF for yourself over at

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