Napa County Embraces Tait Simulcast Network

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Napa County, California, is famous for its hillside vineyards. Public agencies in this beautiful district were struggling with an outdated radio network, and turned to a Tait solution for greater coverage and system reliability.

Napa County serves over 122 thousand residents across an urban California landscape, encompassing over 789 square miles. Since 2014 Tait has been in the process of revamping their communications systems from an existing analog comms network to a digital infrastructure.

An image of the Napa County Vineyard Landscape, accompanied by Napa County IconNapa County: Client Story
This blog is based on the Client Story done on Napa County, CA and how improvements have been made to their communications systems across difficult topography to give reliable coverage to first responders and other critical agencies.

View the full Client Story Here

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The City of Napa is responsible for handling 9-1-1 calls, however Napa County provides the communications infrastructure for the entire region with the sheriff’s office being the primary customer. This vast network also enables other agencies such as Public Works, Recreation, Corrections and much more. 

Napa County operated on an outdated analog network that was often subject to outages and limited coverage, due to the difficult topography of Napa County’s steep valleys and rolling hills. The overarching goal of revamping the communications infrastructure was to enhance radio coverage for multiple law enforcement agencies and ensure the connection was reliable. A Tait simulcast network was chosen as the best solution for Napa County.

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P25 Simulcast Coverage Explained
This paper summarizes the basics of P25 Simulcast, coverage implications of migrating to P25, and how to achieve coverage that is similar to analog simulcast.

Download the Tait P25 Simulcast Whitepaper

Rebuilding a foundation of trust and stakeholder relationships among Napa agencies was just as important as pending the radio network. Tait played a big part in satisfying the needs of our public safety partners.” – Casey Wightman, Communications Manager

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The revamp of the comms infrastructure included a multi-site simulcast system, 800 subscriber units across 6 transmitting sites & 15 receiving sites across a 2 channel frequency. This 800 subscriber network was made up of Tait TP9400 Portable radios and Tait TB8100 base stations with advanced task manager licenses which enabled remote diagnostics and flexibility. 

Learn how this beautiful county improved safety and efficiency for their Sheriff’s department, and other public agencies, with a Tait simulcast network.

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