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911 Dispatcher Worker

To effectively manage commercial worksites, recreation parks or retail outlets, work personnel need access to reliable comms 24/7. The Tait Dispatch Software Solution ensures staff stays connected to the Dispatch Team through multiple bearers.

The Tait Dispatcher Software centralizes your critical communications network. Utilizing real time location data from Tait mobile and portable DMR and P25 radios to display real time location of work personnel between work sites and zones.

Tait Dispatcher Software features:

  • Full visual control
  • Customizable interface
  • Individual and group calling
  • Emergency override
  • Logging and reporting
  • Continuity of service

Additionally, Tait Dispatcher Software supports the use of CCTV Surveillance, Fire Systems, Intruder Alert Systems, Access Control, and Intercom & Refuge.

The Dispatcher Software’s core functionality is Location Services. With the features above, work personnel are able to communicate instantly with Dispatch in the event of an emergency and ensure a consistent flow of information between work groups. The key benefits of integrated location solutions include enhanced worker safety, increased productivity of field operations, and shortened incident response times.

Lone Worker and man-down functionality are compatible when Utilizing Tait Dispatcher Software with a Broadband Enabled Tait Mobile or Portable as an additional alert on the software’s full visual control.

Tait Dispatch Software is helping to keep people, sites and assets safe.

Location Services to improve Worker Safety

When combined with Man Down and Lone Worker, Location Services make it easy to quickly send help to the exact location and cutting down response times when it matters. Learn more about how location services can drastically increase the safety of your work personnel.

Tait GeoFencing

Portable and mobile radios that support Tait GeoFencing can be programmed to independently and automatically use their location data to trigger pre-configured actions, such as alerting work personnel of equipment requirements on worksites, potential hazards, and much more.

Location Awareness

The key element of a location solution is location awareness or Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), which is reporting the current geographic position of mobile assets on a visual control. Tait’s Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) compatible equipment transmits location data across analog and digital networks. Read more about Location Awareness, our partners and how we can improve the efficiency of operations and significantly enhance work safety of your work personnel.

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