Introducing TAIT AXIOM Workforce Applications

TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions enable a safer, more productive workforce using an ecosystem of workforce applications, automated workflows, business integration and devices for your mobile and local teams.

TAIT AXIOM Workforce Applications enable workers with tools that help them collaborate, coordinate resources and stay informed in their working landscape. 

Workers are making productivity your priority

83% of workers rely on tech for collaboration

Employees regard collaboration and teamwork as important to success and increasingly rely on technology to deliver results. It’s not just a reliance on automation, it’s the quality of communication that enables your workforce to operate effectively and safely.

74% of workers are actively looking to automate more

Organizations are seeking more efficient, technology-led ways to reduce the workload of low-level tasks on employees such as manual check-ins, channel boundaries, and reporting to dispatch.

54% plan to increase external data sources

Companies are increasingly operating in a network of business partners, providing workers with richer decision-making data.

TAIT AXIOM Workforce Applications allow you to invite everyone into the conversation to talk, message, share location information and exchange data with shared interoperability between network and device types.

Calling Services

Keep workers connected and keep conversations flowing between individuals and teams, regardless of network, device or location using PTT, VoIP, cellular and video calling.


Messaging Services

Boost collaboration and Productivity. Enrich communications by exchanging text messages, locations pins, attached ,eda, contact and live stream video with a contact or group.


Interoperating Services

Bring your teams together and overcome the network, device and location challenges that keep teams apart by implementing broadband and LMR interoperability pathways for open communication and collaboration.


Remote Control Services

Extend your reach, monitor and join conversations, change channels and make emergency calls while outside the vehicle using a smartphone app that connects directly to the TAIT AXIOM mobile device.


Emergency Services

Be alerted when workers signal distress and more importantly, when they can’t. By using Lone Worker routine check-ins, geographic boundary notifications, and man down capabilities.


Location Services

Find everything with location services. Create a safer, more productive work environment using real time location data services such as Automatic Vehicle Location, Bluetooth beacon and technology and geofencing.


Video Services

Provide on-scene situational context with dispatchers, team members or talkgroups using live video streaming and a smart device’s integrated camera.


Recording Services

Record on-network and off-network voice communications and retrieve saved files directly from the device or cloud. Best used for auditing and post-incident review.


Invite everyone into the conversation with TAIT AXIOM Workforce Applications

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