What are the Broadband Options for Critical Comms?

Modern critical industries are more and more dependent on data for location services, video and applications to connect their people and support safer, more efficient workforces. To enable this, they need the data capabilities of wireless broadband networks – but with so many different technologies out there, how do you know which one is right for your organization? Head on over to the Tait Radio Academy to learn about the different wireless broadband technologies that are available, their pros and cons, and more!

The modern workforce relies ever more heavily on the high-speed data rates wireless broadband networks provide to power the apps, location services and workflows they need to do their jobs. We’re all familiar with the WiFi networks we use at home and the cellular networks we use on our smartphones, but are these technologies suitable for mission critical communications?

Learn about Wireless Broadband Networks at the Tait Radio Academy

So how do you know if it’s LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth® or any other wireless network you need? What are their pros, cons, and are all LTE or WiFi networks created equally? Are these technologies going to make communications simpler or more complicated? To get an answer to these and many other questions, check out our lessons on wireless broadband networks on the Tait Radio Academy.

What Type of Network do I Need?

So, are you trying to decide which forms of wireless broadband networks are right for your organization? Do you want to know the differences between commercial and private LTE networks? Curious if and how these different bearers work together? If so, you’ve come to the right place: in the Introduction to Unified Critical Communications course on the Tait Radio Academy, we look at:

  • the pros and cons of technologies such as WiFi, Satellite, and LTE
  • the future of LTE as a mission critical network
  • what we can expect from 5G
  • a comparison of Commercial Public LTE, Private LTE and Public Safety Mobile Broadband technologies
  • whether commercial PTToC services are mission critical
  • and many other topics

Mission critical users who want to take advantage of wireless broadband networks have several choices, and the Tait Radio Academy aims to ensure they are equipped to make informed choices on the right technology for their organizations.

Each module in the course consists of several short videos, written text, a PDF study guide, and once you have completed all the lessons, you can take a final assessment to earn a Tait Radio Academy completion certificate!

Want to learn more about the mission critical network of the future? Download our free Guide to Unified Critical Communications to find out where it’s headed.

Tait Radio Academy

Want to know more? Check out this course and others at the Tait Radio Academy, where you can learn about anything from the basics of radio operation or wave modulation right up to comparative analysis of emerging radio standards!

The Tait Radio Academy is a free training resource, providing foundational education on a wide range of critical communications topics.  From basic radio awareness to Industrial Control Systems, there is a range of material for people in both technical and non-technical roles.

Register to Tait Radio Academy and unlock access to quizzes, downloadable study guides, the ability to join our Discussion Group on LinkedIn, and more.



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