Connection Magazine Issue 11: Out Now

Connection Magazine collects interesting and informative stories from the critical communications world. Over nearly a decade, Connection has become a well-known and trusted industry resource.

This issue of Connection Magazine features stories on how organizations and individuals around the world worked through the COVID-19 pandemic, opinions from experts on trends in the critical communications world, case studies, and more!

Featured Articles

  • Working Through a Global Pandemic

    How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected mission critical organizations? Read how US Utility Rappahannock Electric Cooperative responded to the crisis by swiftly transitioning to remote working.

  • Information Security: Expert Insight

    Cyber security attacks are now real, present, and increasing in both their frequency and sophistication. How can organizations protect their critical infrastructure? The Chief Security Officer at Tait Communications discusses what goes into delivering robust Information Security solutions to mission critical organizations.

  • Mission Critical Private LTE

    With new connectivity technologies unlocking unprecedented opportunities, many industries are fast embracing the transformation to digital to create tomorrow’s enterprise networks. Learn how Private LTE networks can provide the connectivity and performance critical industries need now and in the future.

Also in this issue

  • Fireground Communications Redefined

    How can we enhance the safety and security of all firefighters anywhere and anytime? Read about a holistic solution developed by experts from within and outside the firefighter community.

  • Helping to Keep London Moving

    Transport for London (TfL) is one of the largest transport authorities in the world. Read about the role their Push-To-Talk-over Cellular solution played in an award-winning COVID response.

  • Unified Critical Communications

    With technologies like LMR and LTE each having their own strengths and limitations, how do critical industries choose the best communications bearer for their needs? Convergence of multiple bearers may be the best answer.


  • Jungle Roaming: A Digital Solution in the Ecuadorian Rainforest
  • Selecting the Right Radio for Your Team
  • Living on the Edge: Edge Computing Applications for Mining
  • Customer Specific Development: A Closer Look
  • Creating the Next Generation of Portable Radios

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