Control, Manage and Dispatch your Teams with Tait CMD

Tait is a trusted, proven supplier of DMR networks. To support our customers, we’re dedicated to developing and expanding the products and capabilities of our DMR platforms. Our latest addition to the range is Tait CMD, a highly capable and effective dispatch solution for medium and large-sized trunked DMR systems.

Dispatch consoles form a crucial link between control rooms and field personnel, and are essential to coordinate operations, monitor the safety of personnel and respond to emergencies.

To enable dispatchers to respond quickly and efficiently to any situation that may arise, Tait partners with a number of leading dispatch console specialists. Together, we provide flexible, open standards-based solutions that give customers the freedom to choose and tailor a solution that best fits their needs.

Tait CMD, our latest addition to the range, gives organizations with DMR Tier 3 networks another great choice for their dispatch solutions.

Tait CMD: Control, Manage, Dispatch

Tait CMD replaces the now obsolete Tait Line Dispatch Terminal (LDT) solution, which may be familiar to long-time Tait users. It is a highly capable and effective solution for medium and large sized trunked radio systems needing to Control, Manage, and Dispatch their teams, with direct network connection options that do not require any server or gateway equipment.

It is a completely integrated and supported Tait system solution, and can be seamlessly integrated into flexible Tait DMR Tier 3 systems, so you can benefit from a solution that is designed to evolve and grow with your organization. In keeping with our commitment to open standards, it’s architecture allows you to mix it with devices, infrastructure and applications from different vendors to best suit your requirements.

Tait CMD can be customized to fit your unique needs and because it supports both MPT and DMR Tier 3, it enables existing Tait LDT users and organizations operating MPT networks to smoothly transition from analog to digital at their own pace

Tait CMD Graphical Interface

Key Features of Tait CMD

The dispatch software solution has a user-friendly interface and removes the need for any extra hardware; you can use existing headsets as Tait CMD transcodes the audio for radio. What’s more, operators can use dynamic regrouping on Tait networks to create groups ‘on the fly’ to respond to evolving scenarios.

Busy network operators can also cost effectively monitor up to 40 groups by toggling monitoring on or off on a group-by-group basis.

Some other features and benefits the Tait CMD solution offers include:

  • ANN Numbering: Full dialing support for DMR Tier 3 Networks that use ANN numbering
  • Group and individual buttons: Visual alerts for important groups or persons
  • Response options: Connect, queue, queue for callback, hold or mute calls
  • Call Switching: Enables the operator to switch between a radio group or individual radio easily
  • Selective change of priority:  Allows the operator to escalate a call to emergency status for enhanced worker safety
  • Calls to telephones: Operators can make telephone calls via the radio network if the system has been configured to do so
  • Short Data Messages (SDM): Send free form data messages to a radio or group
  • Location Services: Location data can be presented to an external mapping provider within the mapping dialog box
  • User-friendly interface: The screen can be resized to suit a variety of monitors, and touchscreen use is supported

For a full overview of all the features, benefits and technical details of Tait CMD, download the specifications.

Tait DMR: A Smart Investment, Made to Evolve

Tait designs and builds proven DMR Tier 3 trunked networks that critical industries around the world rely on for safety, productivity and automation. Tait DMR systems are built on open standards to allow you to choose from a wide range of options to meet your requirements today, and easily add other features as your needs change in the future.

Dispatch ConsoleNeed a Dispatch Solution?

Working closely with our technology partners, Tait offers complete, end-to-end dispatch solutions with flexibility and freedom of choice.

Check out our Dispatch Solutions webpage for more information.



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