Webinar: Voice & Data Convergence

Convergence Webinar

In an increasingly digital world, critical communications is no longer just about LMR voice – the modern workforce demands ever more data to use location services and applications that increase worker safety and productivity. Converged voice and data solutions meet these needs by taking advantage of both broadband and narrowband technology.

LMR has long proven itself to be the most reliable mission-critical technology for voice, but its limited data capability is insufficient for modern mobile data applications. Broadband connectivity has become a necessity, and for industries that have made huge investments in LMR networks but now need to expand their voice and data to LTE, a converged solution that combines the strengths of both these networks is crucial.

Webinar: The Future of Mission Critical Networks

But what is “convergence” exactly? What can it offer, what are the challenges, and how can it be implemented? For an answer to these and other questions, watch our free webinar on voice and data convergence:

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Why Watch this Webinar?

Public Safety, Utilities, Transport, Mining – organizations in these industries all require real-time interactions between their control rooms and workers, anywhere and at any time, across multiple networks and devices. By integrating these multiple networks, devices and applications, you can dramatically increase efficiency and worker safety in your organization.

In this webinar, Sohan Domingo, Lead Solutions Strategist at Tait, and Dion Stevenson, Tait Unified Product Manager discuss voice and data convergence, the infrastructure and communications equipment needed to support voice interoperability between multiple bearers, and what the future of mission-critical communications will look like.

Topics that are discussed:

  • What is convergence and why is it important
  • Networks available today
  • LTE for mission critical communications
  • Challenges of using multiple networks in the field
  • Network convergence for data and voice
  • Edge vs cloud computing
  • What will be the impact of 5G?
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Case studies of converged solutions

The presentation also addresses how the ability to automatically switch between multiple bearers using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms will be a key feature in the future, and highlight data interoperability issues various industries face, especially when implementing applications from multiple vendors that cannot be integrated.

Tait Broadband and Convergence Solutions

Tait has decades of experience integrating our systems with the latest technology, converging diverse technologies to provide our customers with simple, secure, and flexible solutions. Want to know more? Check out our broadband and convergence solutions.

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