A Closer Look: On-Board Voice Recorder [Videos]

Voice Recorder

The capability to record voice calls be can indispensable for legal purposes, and also allows careful analysis of events so you can gain valuable post-incident insights. The newly improved On-Board Voice Recorder records every call that goes through a Tait Unified Vehicle unit, regardless of network or bearer.

We recently shared a post about the Tait Unified Vehicle On-Board Voice Recorder app, and how it can record and store all voice calls going through a Tait Unified Vehicle unit, regardless of network or bearer, including off-network calls. 

This time, we want to show you how it works. Watch the video below to see an overview of the voice recorder presented by Laurent LeQuellec, Product Line Manager of Tait Unified Vehicle.

On-Board Voice Recorder Overview Video

As you can see, the intuitive interface of the On-Board Voice Recorder app makes it easy to use. The waveforms of calls with radio IDs enable you to instantly see when and where someone was on the call, and the extensive filter and sort options make it easy to find the recording you need to play back or download.

Has seeing the overview made you curious about how all the features of the On-Board Voice Recorder work? Watch Laurent demonstrate the different features in the demo video below.

On-Board Voice Recorder Demo Video

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The On-Board Voice Recorder is just one of many great features Tait Unified Vehicle offers. Find out more about Tait Unified Vehicle and how it can help you here.

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