Tait Technology Partner Awards

Tait Technology Partners invest in a relationship with Tait, as we invest in our relationships with our partners.  Each year Tait recognizes technology partners that have multiplied this investment, with Tait Tech Partner Multiplier awards announced and presented at the IWCE annual conference.

This year two Tait Tech Partner Multiplier Awards were given out to Telex and Interactive Group respectively.

Telex received an award for using the Tait Partner Program to gain an Endorsed technical status of their dispatch software, C-Soft. C-Soft is an incredibly flexible and capable software dispatch console.

Interactive Group won an award for innovation in software and commercial offering.  This was with their software ‘VUe’ that offers real-time network insights, and is integral in the creation of our new network management product Tait EnableInsight.


“We partner with companies to extend our reach, to add value to and to expand the functionality of our customers’ networks. Our Technology Partner Program is at the heart of our customer’s choices and options.
The relationships we have with Telex, Interactive Group and our other valuable ecosystem partners enables Tait to offer reliable and cost-effective options. In the case of our recent awards it provides further choice for leading dispatch room solutions, and real-time network management and reporting.”

Ellery Hurn, Product Manager – Partner Solutions
Tait Communications


The majority of organizations fight for resources, reputation, and market share.  Telex and Interactive Group are fine examples of organizations that only see positives in collaboration and partnerships.  Their commitment to integration and innovation is what has won them these awards.

Telex Radio Dispatch is a leading manufacturer of IP control for two-way radio communications.  Capable of deployment in both distributed and server based architectures, Telex dispatch console systems have flexibility, scalability, and redundant capability based on the network.  Telex has designed and manufactured the world’s most trusted and widely deployed radio dispatch equipment for over 55 years.

Interactive Group Pty Ltd are experts in software as a service.  They have been providing Real-Time Data Driven Software Solutions and Services to major organizations for more than 17 years.  Interactive Group’s core Service Intelligence solution (VUpt) brings transparency to critical operational environments.  It’s dynamic, adaptable and grew out of the mission critical communications world.  They use the latest technologies, including SignalR real-time communication capabilities to unlock the intelligence inside your organization’s real-time data environment.

Our sincere congratulations to Telex and Interactive Group, and thank you for being such valuable technology partners.




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