Evolve and protect your investment in LMR with Tait Unified Vehicle

With major investments in infrastructure expected to last 15-20 years, communications networks are now having to support a range of both new and legacy applications, various network connections, IP, etc that they were never designed to support – all with mounting additional costs.

You may already know that with a simple upgrade from mobile radio that supports familiar, business-as-usual practices, Tait Unified Vehicle creates a network of networks – LMR, LTE, and WiFi – that ensures urgent calls always get through.  In addition to being a multi-bearer communications hub offering a high level of connectivity, Tait Unified Vehicle houses a powerful industrial grade processor and the Tait AppBuilder platform. AppBuilder provides the ability for customization of Tait Unified Vehicle to behave in ways unique to your organization’s challenges and requirements, thus giving you an individualized product without the need for hardware modifications.

Tait Unified Vehicle is made to evolve and protect your investment with the ability to deliver a range of voice and data solutions for current and future needs of users and operators, with a powerful AppBuilder platform that unlocks huge possibilities for customization. The result is a single integrated device that combines connectivity, application processing, storage and communications in a powerful, easy-to-use open standards platform that can provide custom solutions for your organization. 

Learn more about how the latest release of Tait Unified Vehicle with AppBuilder can help you make the most of your mobile communications  download the brochure here.

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