Colored Portable Radios

colored-portables-600x600Did you know that Tait offers a large range of colored portable radios? It happens to be one of our favorite safety features. It is a simple thing, but it can provide several benefits to mission critical organizations:

1. Easy Identification
For large organizations with multiple portable fleets operating at any given time, you can help ensure users grab the correct radio for each scenario by giving them color codes. Need to connect with a specific work group? Grab the red one. Need to communicate with a unique Talk Group? Grab an orange radio. If your fleet requires multiple configurations or groups, then colors can prevent users being stranded with the wrong radio in their hands.

2. Easy to See
Some of our customers work in dark environments, and need to be able to locate their radio with ease. In many situations, finding a high-vis green radio can be much easier than finding a black radio. In mission critical situations, your users don’t want to waste time looking for a radio they can’t see.

3. Intrinsically Safe
Many customers require Intrinsically Safe radios, but only in certain locations. For instance, one organization might have 30% Intrinsically Safe radios, while the other 70% are not IS. If you are going into an area that requires an IS radio, having a special color (like blue) for your IS radios will help ensure you always grab the correct radio.

Tait radios are available in black, red, orange, yellow, high-visibility green, and Intrinsically Safe blue. The 9400 series is available in P25 Phase 2, P25 Phase 1, and AS-IP. The 9300 series is available in DMR Tier 3, DMR Tier 2, MPT 1327, and Analog Conventional. You can see the full 360 degree view of them in these two videos.


  1. John says:

    Thanks for sharing these. I definitely like the idea of having radios color-coded by team, especially for larger events or emergencies. I can’t count the number of times I’ve picked up the wrong radio by mistake and had to go back to switch them out.

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