Tait TM9300: Quad-mode, customizable DMR Mobile Radio

Tait TM9300 - Mobile Radio Product informationThe TM9300 DMR mobiles provide an efficient, digital voice and data communications solution for users in mission critical environments such as utilities, mining, transport, fire & emergency response, oil and gas.

The ability to customize our products to fit our clients needs is just one of the reasons our products are popular.

These mobiles function in trunked DMR, conventional DMR, full MPT 1327, and conventional FM modes, and can roam between DMR and MPT networks.

If you would like to know more about our DMR solutions visit the DMR products page.

Watch this product overview video:
[vimeo 120753055 w=500 h=281]

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Video Transcript

At Tait Communications, we place an emphasis on safety in every environment. We design our products effectively to ensure reliability in any situation, and the TM9300 is no different.

This mobile radio is capable of four different modes providing flexibility and an easier migration. With crystal-clear digital audio quality and GPS capabilities, the TM9300 improves efficiency and safety for users in critical environments.

The is a range of models and accessories available, including a graphic control head and dual remote options, several different frequencies and multiple power options to ensure functionality within a large spectrum of working environments.

The TM9300 is customizable to ensure that your specific requirements are met, and you get the most from your communications solution.

For more information talk to Tait today about how the TM9300 could improve productivity and safety for your organization.

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