New Guide: How to Protect And Strengthen Your LMR System

Download the new Guide - 10 ways to protect and strengthen your LMR SystemHow do we qualify tougher LMR systems?

By the ability to maintain critical communications in the face of technical, physical, security or human challenges and threats. The new guide investigates every aspect of wireless communications, and considers how operators might make their LMR systems more resilient.

This is important because tougher, more robust communication supports your stakeholder expectations, protects your communities, reduces risk of costly communications outage and allows more efficient use of increasingly-constrained resources. And it gives your workers the confidence to perform their duties more effectively, knowing that support is at hand whenever they need it.

The advice and recommendations given here are not confined to a particular industry, a specific technology or manufacturer. Rather, this is a series of expert guidelines and ideas that LMR system operators might consider, weighing them up against the perceived risks they face, and the cost to implement.

Developing a deeper understanding of the technical challenges and the possibilities to improve creates more informed conversations with your consultant, vendor or local provider.

When upgrading to a new LMR platform, many decisions impacting on the toughness of your new system will be made at the design stage. However, there are still numerous cost-effective operational decisions that can positively influence your existing communications system.

Resilient Networks PDF Table of ContentsWant to learn more?

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10 Ways to Protect and Strengthen Your LMR System

  1. Technology Choice
  2. System Design
  3. Major Events and Emergencies
  4. Hardware: Selecting the Right Equipment
  5. System Configuration and Optimization
  6. Monitoring
  7. The Back Office
  8. The Human Factor
  9. Preparing for the Future

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