Chilean delegation visits Tait headquarters in Christchurch

A high-powered delegation from Chile has visited our headquarters in Christchurch on a fact-finding mission to learn how Tait’s innovative communications systems can help the country in the event of a natural disaster or emergency such as the devastating 2010 Chilean earthquake.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) hosted senior representatives from the Oficina Nacional de Emergencias del Ministerio del Interior (ONEMI), the Chilean Cabinet and the Los Lagos Emergency and Civil Protection who were in New Zealand to learn about the preparation and planning New Zealand agencies have undertaken since the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes.

While in New Zealand, the delegation had the opportunity to visit Tait to see first-hand the technologies we are developing to help organizations overcome challenges such as rural fire response, first-responder safety and multi-agency emergency response. We demonstrated the capabilities of our Biolink vest, which monitors physiological signs of first-responders and gave the Chilean group a preview of solutions that are yet to be released to market.

“It’s amazing to see all the work of the people at Tait. We’re at a great moment in time where we have this knowledge and technology available and Tait’s is some of the most important that I have seen anywhere in the world,” Regional Director of Emergency and Civil Protection for the Los Lagos region, Andres Ibaceta, said.

The interoperability of a Tait solution means that during a critical event, multiple agencies can communicate on the same network to co-ordinate recovery response and defence. This is vitally important for organizations like ONEMI that are tasked with protecting their people, goods and the environment.

Tait CEO Frank Owen says that “Tait is fully committed to developing open standards compliant, interoperable solutions that provide our clients with greater choice and flexibility when developing their critical communications systems.”

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