Do you have new radio users in your organization? If training field staff in the use of their communications devices is important to you, we have great news! Tait Radio Academy offers free online educational resources dedicated to providing easy to follow lessons to help improve radio and communications systems knowledge – from basics for new users, to advanced technology descriptions.

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In the world of Radio Communications there are many terms, patterns and principles that are confusing and too often have painfully long winded answers to the simple questions you’re asking.

Whether you are just starting out in communications or need a refresher on how modulation and channel spacing works, the Tait Radio Academy is a place where all your questions can be answered.

Written and presented by experts in a way that’s easily understood, the Tait Radio Academy is an online learning tool that you can complete at your own pace. Currently there are two courses on offer, with the third not far from being added to the list. Continue Reading