The next step in our series of P25 System guides: in this issue, we take a look at implementing your P25 system after you have selected a vendor and specified system requirements. It’s time to get your network up and running.

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The next in our series of Free Guides: in this issue, we take a look at the Procuring your P25 System. This is an important process, which is worth reviewing to ensure you receive maximum results.

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Procuring a P25 network is a large project, with many crucial things to consider. Fortunately, you’re not on your own. Learn P25 Best Practice from 30 Industry experts with over 450 combined years experience. A comprehensive and authoritative guide to P25 radio.

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Available on the website –

Earlier this year the P25 best practice website went live. The first four guides have been downloaded by hundreds of public safety agencies looking to wise up on P25.

If you haven’t got the guides you can view them at any time online or download them as PDF books.

Tait has always been active on international bodies developing P25, particularly in the area of ensuring interoperability of devices. Since the launch, the team of experts have worked on a 5th guide which will soon be available in the coming... Continue Reading