Operators who routinely monitor their systems can detect issues and take remedial action before failure can occur. In the worst case scenario, a point of failure can be more quickly identified and remedied sooner.

This post focuses on the importance of monitoring to protect and strengthen your LMR system. If you missed the previous posts you can catch up on those here.

The Tougher LMR Networks guide investigates every aspect of wireless communications, and considers how operators might make their LMR systems more resilient. You can also download the full... Continue Reading

Monitoring practices for US Public Safety LMR systems vary greatly, from 24/7 live monitoring to simply relying on complaints from users. Darek Wieczorek looks at why this is, and how it needs to change.

When radio systems were relatively simple and isolated, system monitoring came down to the users reporting communications problems. While this may have been sufficient in the past, today’s systems are highly integrated, and depend on external computers, servers, routers, links, multiple software platforms, even people in different organizations.... Continue Reading