The modern landscape of technology has seen the adoption of anti-consumer practices where devices and their features are continually improved but key functionalities or ‘consumer friendly’ features are removed. Today we explore what interoperability open standards are and how they are mainstays for Tait’s vision and future product developments.

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A couple of weeks ago, we announced the launch of the new P25 Course on the Tait Radio Academy. We’re proud to say that the entire course is now online, including the new certification quiz!

Since our last announcement, we have two complete lessons and 6 new videos.

Lesson 3 (P25 Channel Operation and Configuration) contains three videos and explores the difference between physical and logical channels, how to operate channels, and how to configure channels and number P25 systems.

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After much anticipation and positive feedback on our first two online courses; the Basic Radio Awareness course (hosted by Dr. Jan Noordhof) and the Introduction to DMR course (hosted by Noel Farrelly), the Tait Radio Academy’s Introduction to P25 course is finally here.

Commencing his employment at Tait Communications in 1999 and working in a variety of roles within the company, including Senior Technical Trainer and Customer Support Engineering Specialist, Andrew McTaggart utilizes his broad knowledge base to teach through the... Continue Reading