To support their growing business, a New Zealand transport company needed a communications solution that would give them greater coverage than their existing analog radio network. To leverage existing equipment and minimize user training, Hilton Haulage chose to extend their radio communications over the cellular network with Tait Unified Vehicle.

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Reprogramming radio fleets in remote areas can be challenging; it’s time-consuming and often requires technicians to visit sites and organizations to pause operations. To provide customers with a better and more efficient service, Colvins Communications uses Tait EnableFleet, an online configuration management tool that allows them to make programming changes via Over-The-Air-Programming (OTAP).

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Radio fleet management is easier and more accessible than ever before with Tait EnableFleet, an industry-leading configuration management system that provides a fast, easy-to-use, secure and controlled way to manage fleet configurations and changes. The cloud-hosted system makes it an affordable, smart choice for organizations large or small.

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For many radio managers, fleet management can be a stressful mess of spreadsheets and manual updates. In our latest podcast, Software Product Manager, Dan Manton, talks EnableFleet with Evan Forester. Dan has spent years working with EnableFleet, and has some fascinating insights about the operation of the software today, and where it will go in the future. Throughout their discussion, Dan analyses the following aspects of the EnableFleet software:

  • Why Tait developed EnableFleet
  • How EnableFleet solves the problems associated with managing a radio fleet
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We’ve got some good news for you! Many radio managers keep track of their terminal fleet using spreadsheets and other manual systems that are difficult to maintain, lack data integrity, and are labor intensive. All that pain can be left behind by using the new EnableFleet management software.

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