Do you have specific communications needs that can’t be met with any standard solutions? For those situations that call for a unique solution, Tait offers Client Specific Development. Our engineers can work with you to find the best possible solutions that precisely fulfil your requirements, adhere to your constraints, and fit within your budget. This time, we take a look at custom biometric monitoring solutions.

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On Sunday, September 7, more than 150 firefighters from Australia and New Zealand took part in the inaugural Melbourne Firefighters Stair Climb, which saw career and volunteer firefighters climb 28 flights of stairs to the top of Crown Metropol hotel in full firefighting kit weighing 25kg.

Inspired by competing in the Auckland Sky Tower Stair Challenge, a Melbourne-based team went about organizing their very own firefighter-exclusive stair challenge and the Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb was born. The event simulates the actions of a... Continue Reading