The past ten years has seen an explosion in Agile product development methods, which are now the norm for innovation and technology development. In this article, we discuss how these techniques can also work well for operational development – in this case, deploying a new radio network.

Traditional processes call for exhaustive requirements, a well-documented schedule and strict adherence to process. In contrast, the agile approach recognizes that in a rapidly-evolving technical space, not all requirements will be captured, very few problems can be forecast and schedules change rapidly due to setbacks and successes – either of which may be unforeseen. Continue Reading

By Dean Mischewski, Production Engineering Manager, Tait Communications.

For many manufacturing businesses the Lean journey is often driven by the need to rapidly avert financial or business pressures which are coming to bear.

Taking a longer term and proactive approach, Tait Communications embarked on a Lean Manufacturing programme in late 2006 to ensure that the high-mix, medium volume manufacturing environment could continue to deliver competitively-priced communications solutions, systems and products to our global customer base.

For a Lean Manufacturing programme to be... Continue Reading

Today’s consumers  are always hungry for the latest new product and they want it now, or preferably yesterday—technology, entertainment, clothes, widgets, gadgets, food, you name it, now is good!

Consumer expectations are driving new ways of working and producing rapid innovation in many industries.

For companies like us here at Tait, with traditionally long product development cycles, being innovative in the way we approach product development is key to meeting the needs of our customers’ ever changing world. Continue Reading