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Continuing in our series of educational resources about Broadband communications, we now offer a lesson in the benefits and use cases of broadband communications.

Communications have never been more important than they are today. Businesses, public safety agencies, utilities, and other critical industries rely on communications being available around the clock. Tait Radio Academy lets you learn everything you need to know about critical communications. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned veteran, you can maximize you radio comms knowledge with this comprehensive and free resource. The Tait Radio Academy is a free online resource, with each course made by experts in their field.

In our last installment of Tait Radio Academy, we discussed ‘What is Broadband Communications?‘, today we will be talking of the benefits instead.

Smartphones show you some of what mobile broadband can offer professional users. Mobile phones are totally data orientated, with voice calls being carried as a form of data. The world of smartphone communications is one of high-speed data, flexible connectivity, location services, and apps such as business-aware applications. Some smartphone applications and devices have moved beyond the limitations of phone calls to Push-to-Talk call services over their cellular network, imitating the functions of portable radio devices. Already professional users from critical agencies such as Public Safety, Fire, EMS (emergency services), utilities and elsewhere are utilizing smartphones alongside their traditional communications devices such as portable radios; with some organizations switching over entirely to mobile broadband orientated communications. This adoption comes to benefit these agencies by avoiding archaic paper-based systems.

In some cities, EMS workers use their phones to make ambulance video calls with the hospitals to prep for the patients arrival. Broadband communications have various benefits to other industries, lets cover some further:

Extending Your Coverage

With multiple networks such as Wi-Fi and 4g at hand you can roam across the public networks with their wide and always-on coverage. If required, you can develop your own broadband capability. Some companies have already built Private Wi-Fi and LTE networks to provide dedicated coverage, capacity and performance. Additional coverage is available through smart broadband devices that allow for dual SIM cards, each attached to a different cellular network.

Better Communications Resilience

Building redundancy into your communications ensures business continuity in case any part of your network becomes unavailable. Dual SIM capability – boosts coverage but also gives you multiple levels of redundancy. In the event of an outage of one network, you have instant access to another so your comms system is always online when needed.

None of this is future technology, it is here and now; view the full ‘Benefits of Broadband Communications’ lesson on Tait Radio Academy…

Free Lesson: Benefits of Broadband Communications

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