Nationwide Network to use Tait Multiband Radios

The recently announced New Zealand Public Safety Network (PSN), expected to be one of the largest radio networks in the world, will include up to 25,000 Tait multiband radios.

What is PSN?

Tait-Kordia Joint Venture (a joint venture between Tait Communications and Kordia) was selected by the New Zealand government to build and manage the Land Mobile Radio network component of the new Public Safety Network Te Kupenga Marutau; a modern, secure communications network for Police, Fire and Emergency NZ, Hato Hone St John and Wellington Free Ambulance being developed on their behalf by Next Generation Critical Communications.

Delivering the Public Safety Network is a significant government infrastructure project, investing NZD$1.4 billion (USD$1.3 billion) over 10 years. Complementary to the Public Safety Network’s cellular service, the Land Mobile Radio network will provide frontline emergency responders with an encrypted, secure digital radio network with resilience features enabling frontline responders to communicate with each other even if connectivity to their communications center is lost, for example in a significant disaster. This upgrade for New Zealand’s first responders is among one of the largest network upgrades in the world, featuring more than 450 sites and including up to 25,000 Tait Multiband radios.

Tait Communications Chief Executive Officer, Dr Yoram Benit, says it is particularly meaningful to win such a substantial critical infrastructure project in Tait’s home country.

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Why use Multiband?

The unpredictable nature of emergency situations has made real interoperability a critical goal of Public Safety Communications for decades. Multiband radios are a key tool in multi agency responses; putting local and nationally responding public agents on the same comms network.

On a good day, mobile officers with multiband radios can roam between networks and frequency in or out of state, expanding their effective area of operation. On a bad day, first responders attending a serious incident involving multiple agencies – Fire Rescue, Ambulance, or Law Enforcement, and other support agencies – can use multiband radios to join an operational talk group and coordinate their efforts in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

First responders around the world trust Tait for multi-agency coordination in the most challenging environments, and the TP9800 Multiband portable looks to expand the capabilities of your P25 networks.

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What is the Tait TP9800?

The Tait TP9800 Multiband Portable Radio is one of the lightest P25 multiband radios on the market. Featuring high capacity battery and compact design. Bridge communications between agencies or roam between network coverage areas, without the need for several bulky devices.Connect across all your bands from one dynamic portable. The TP9800 Multiband is configurable to operate on any combination of VHF, UHF and 700/800MHz bands. 

The Tait TP9800 is built Tait Tough to survive the harshest conditions, exceeding military standard tests for shock, vibration, heat, and rain all the while weighing in at only 13.42oz (382g) with a maximum capacity battery lasting 18 hours.

Why Choose TP9800 Multiband Portables?

  • Maximum Connectivity
  • Exceptional Audio
  • Enhanced Worker Safety
  • Ergonomic User Experience
  • Proven P25 Interoperability

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