The Three Core Values of Tait

To deliver the best results for our customers, Tait is committed to three core values: Commitment to Listen, Courage to Act, and Integrity to Deliver. These simple values help keep our customers at the heart of everything we do.

It may seem simplistic, but taking the time to really listen, not being afraid to act, and delivering what you promise, can form a strong foundation for delivering good customer outcomes. Inspired by Sir Angus Tait, our company’s founder, these common-sense ideas are practiced in every department of Tait.

Commitment to Listen

We know that one size does not fit all. So we listen to your needs and design solutions that enable clear communication, both now and in the future.

Courage to Act

We push technology forward, innovating and experimenting to create communication solutions that exceed your expectations, but not your budget.

Integrity to Deliver

We don’t hide behind contracts or charge hidden fees. We work hard to guarantee your satisfaction, then we stand beside you for the life of your network.

Our Values in Action

Here are some examples of exceptional customer outcomes, driven by our core values.

Commitment to Listen – A Unique Solution

New Zealand Land Search and Rescue (LandSAR) have relied on Tait radios for years, aiding in their operations to locate the lost, missing and injured. LandSAR encountered unique challenges with remote terrain and specialist emergency management software.  LandSAR experienced an issue with information being transmitted via a third-party radio repeater. Tait engineers sat down with members of LandSAR to define the requirements for a lightweight, rugged, portable repeater to support search and rescue operations. Read the full client story here.

Courage to Act – COVID-19 Response

Transport for London (TfL) and Tait have had a long history of working together to deliver a reliable public transportation network for the busy citizens of London. The partnership spans more than 15 years with ongoing support to TfL’s communications infrastructure to this day. A push-to-talk-over-cellular (PTToC) solution was developed by Tait in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. When TfL needed to add more buses to its fleet to provide the capacity needed for new social distancing requirements, TfL and Tait worked together to quickly modify the Tait TeamPTT solution. The whole project came together in less than 4 weeks and 80 buses were added to TfL’s PTToC service.

Integrity to Deliver – Thousands of Radios

Staying with TfL, in 2019, Tait completed the digital upgrade for TfL’s surface fleet, fitting London’s 9,200 red buses with high-reliability digital radio communications. To make sure we delivered on our promise of upgrading several thousands of comms terminals for buses, Tait engineers worked hard; upgrading 500 vehicles a week taking no more than 20 minutes per vehicle. The Tait platformed supplied to TfL was built using developing technologies, enabling in-vehicle IP connectivity to future proof bus systems and additional communications. This included WiFi and cellular capability inside the cabin with the ability to improve operational efficiency. Standing by our promise, TfL’s network is still serviced to this day by the Tait UK services team, 24 hours a day, all year round. Read the full history of Tait & Transport for London.

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