True Interoperability for Public Safety Networks

When lives are at stake, the need for true interoperability between first responder agencies could not be more important. Tait supplies interoperable P25 radio networks to emergency service agencies around the world, helping first responders save lives.

As we recently announced, Tait Communications in partnership with Kordia, have won a contract to build and maintain a secure digital P25 radio communications network across all of New Zealand, a key element of the Government’s recently announced Public Safety Network (PSN). With more than 450 sites, this will be one of the largest P25 networks in the world. 

One of the key features of this newly established network is the capability for interoperability, or the coming together of different agencies to form a response. Tait prides itself on not forcing customers to change their whole fleet of communications devices in order to upgrade to a Tait network. This is an especially important feature, as we recognize that different countries, states and territories use the best comms devices for their needs, and in the event of a multi-agency or international response to a disaster, the emergency services can communicate seamlessly on one network. This is a core principle of all our DMR and P25 solutions.

Interoperability Solutions

Open standards such as P25, DMR, TCP/IP and LTE offer you freedom of choice and avoids the pitfalls of proprietary hardware and software. Tait has earned a reputation as a vendor with genuine support for standards-based solutions. We advocate industry standards and play an active part in designing, refining and implementing those standards.

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P25 Interoperability

P25 is an internationally recognized public safety grade digital radio standard. It’s designed to allow multiple properly configured agencies to cooperate in emergency response situations. Want to learn more about the P25 standard and real applications? Check out this free lesson on the Tait Radio Academy.

P25 is designed to meet a wide range of Public Safety operational requirements. Learn more about the P25 Network Architecture on the free Introduction to P25 course available on Tait Radio Academy.

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