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Tait customers trust our communications solutions to ensure the safety of their teams, and the efficiency of their operations. Today we spotlight some of the fascinating organizations in various industries around the world that rely Tait solutions.

Solutions for Utilities of All Sizes

Solutions for Utilities of All Sizes

In this article we look at two utilities at opposite ends of the spectrum of scale. EA Networks in New Zealand manages 1,990 miles (3,200 kilometers) of distribution lines, while the European Enel Group manages 1.37 million miles (2.2 million kilometers), in 31 countries around the world.

EA Networks is an electricity distribution company based in Ashburton, New Zealand. They own and operate distribution of electricity and fiber internet to 20,000 customers. The Enel Group is made up of nearly 70,000 people from around the world who work with a diversified portfolio of power stations including: hydroelectric, wind, geothermal, solar, thermo-electric, nuclear and other renewable sources of power. 

Read the full comparison between Utilities of All Sizes.

Solving Large Coverage Area Challenges

Solving Large Coverage Area Challenges

Rail transport agencies face some extreme communication challenges. Their assets – trains full of passengers and cargo – are moving at tremendous speeds, over a vast area. Maintaining coverage through varied terrain, rural and urban areas, and different distances from radio sites, introduces a series of engineering and technology problems.

The Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet) is the sole provider of mass transit across the Portland Metro region of Oregon, USA. TriMet has an average weekday ridership of about 322,000 passengers, operating across 1,426 light rail vehicles, buses, and para transit vehicles.

Tasmanian Rail (TasRail) operates the main-line railways in the southern Australian state. TasRail is a short-haul rail freight business; owning and operating on the fixed track infrastructure transporting raw materials along the beautiful landscape of Tasmania.

Read about how Tait helps these organizations solve large coverage area challenges.

Not All Public Safety Comms are Created Equal

Not All Public Safety Comms are Created Equal

Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Fire Services are all alike in their roles as first responders to emergencies. However, the equipment they use to get the job done varies greatly.

Tait clients, Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) are a mobile unit of state troopers of 1,500 civilian and uniformed employees across the state. Their highway troopers are responsible for patrolling the state’s 111,994 miles of state roads and highways, responding to traffic collisions, natural disasters, and civil disorders. New South Wales (NSW) Ambulance in Australia, has proposed must-haves for the future of emergency care; called ‘The Connected Clinician’ model.

Learn more about Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, their work environment and New South Wales Ambulance’s Connected Clinician Model.

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