Public Safety Accessories (Video)

A Tait radio is not just a solitary product, but a platform that supports a range of great accessories. The right choice of accessories can help keep first responders and officers safe and connected when serving their communities.

We recommend tailoring each user’s experience, the device and the accessories that accompany it to reflect the intensity of their industry and role in their agency. In 2019, it was reported that there were over 800,000 police officers in the US alone. Each of these officers needs a communications device, and those devices can better serve officers with a battery that is the right balance of weight and shift-life, carry accessories for security, and the right audio accessories – such as speaker mics and ear-pieces. Accessories allow you to optimize particular aspects of your comms devices, allowing calls to be heard first time during normal operations and emergencies.

This article focuses on accessories for Public Safety. Check out our article on accessories for Heavy Duty industries.

Tait offers a wide range of accessories for Public Safety devices, here are a few selected accessories suitable for users who are on the move at a moments notice:

Tait TSM4 Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM)

Tait is introducing the TSM4, a new Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM), designed to meet theneeds of Public Safety and a wide range of professional users. It is a rugged accessory with high quality audio performance, designed for use with all TP9000 (DMR and P25) series portable radios.

The TSM4 is a significant enhancement to public safety communications while assisting with common handheld and portable device issues like ease of access at a moments notice. The TSM4 will always be where you need it.

The TSM4 is perfectly suited for heavy duty communications, with a number of features to accommodate hostile weather, noisy environments, and safety gloves.


  • Built Tait Tough for Public Safety applications
    • Rugged design
    • IP68 dust-proof and water-submersible
  • High quality audio to hear and be heard in challenging situations
    • Speaker 3W nominal, 6W maximum
    • Tait water-shedding speaker grille and microphone
    • 3.5mm connector plug for earpieces
    • Digital and analog compatible
  • User friendly, ergonomic design
    • Large, protected Push-to-Talk button
    • Glove-friendly programmable emergency and function buttons
    • Large 360-degree rotating clip
    • Heavy duty cable with extended length 1.5m (5ft)
    • Replaceable spare parts (lapel clip, cable and audio jack bung)

Vehicle Charger

Charging portable radios within a vehicle is a vital aspect of everyday operation, especially for public safety agents who rely heavily on their communications devices at all times. The TP900 vehicle charger serves as a charging solution for portable radios even in the toughest vehicle environments, ensuring batteries are optimally charged to keep users connected over long shifts. The vehicle charger can charge batteries connected to the radio, and also on their own.

This charger holds the radio, exceeding crash-test requirements, minimizing in-vehicle hazards in the event a vehicle accident were to occur. The charging port also displays charging information such as battery faults, and charging cycle.

Heavy Duty Leather Carry Case

The Heavy Duty Leather Carry Case provides a tough solution to keep all TP9000 series portable radios safe from damage, while keeping your hands free. The case allows for improved coverage by pushing the antenna farther form the body, to prevent blocking or absorbing signal. The D-clip attaches to the user’s belt allowing the radio to hang from your waist in a secure fashion. 

The D-clip was designed to allow free movement of users who frequently enter and exit vehicles at a moments notice, alongside quick changes in movement and elevation. The radio must be rotated upside-down in order to be released from the clip.

The D-clip belt loop stud is made from heavy duty cowhide leather, and provides a tough solution to secure your carry case. This accessory is suitable for all industries, and excels in the toughest of work environments.

Tait Portable Accessories

This is just a small sample of the range of Tait accessories available to personalize your communications. Take a look at the Portable Accessories Catalog to see all the ways these clever devices can help make your teams safer and more productive.

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