Keeping Lineworkers Safe, Wherever They’re Needed

Utilities Lineworkers are called to remote locations, in the worst of weather conditions. TAIT AXIOM Mobile enables seamless roaming between communications networks. This allows utilities teams to operate safely and efficiently, to keep critical infrastructure up and running.

The U.S power grid is made up of over 2.7 million transmission towers, and 450,000 miles of powerlines, traversing dense cities and vast rural environments. This critical infrastructure is serviced by more than 120,000 utilities lineworkers to help keep the lights on.

Utilities workers find themselves working in a wide range of environments, some inner-city, some rural, and even sometimes abroad. Power outages caused by severe weather conditions cost the U.S economy up to $33 billion a year, and 60,000 lineworkers are needed to travel each year for tropical storm and hurricane recovery.

When travelling between service areas, it’s crucial that these critical workers can stay connected to their dispatch and support staff, regardless of cellular or radio coverage. TAIT AXIOM Mobile enables seamless movement between communication networks, allowing workers the freedom to roam where they’re needed.

The TAIT AXIOM Mobile is compact, connected and customizable vehicle area network device of radio and broadband connectivity. Coupled with a customizable on-board edge computing and applications platform it is expertly engineered for mobile work personnel.

Venture Far Beyond Radio Coverage

Work with confidence in and between areas with low or no radio network coverage, automatically switching communications to broadband networks.

Boost the Range of Your Productivity

Turn your vehicle into a communications hotspot, boosting the range of connected portable devices and productivity of the people using them.

Keep Working Past the Network Edge

Ensure work continues even outside the range of any communications, by hosting and processing workforce applications and their data locally.

With these workflows, Utility workers can automatically be alerted to advancing lightning storms and other adverse weather conditions which may create an unsafe work environment for work personnel.

When combined with Tait GridLink distribution automation devices, response times for outages are drastically reduced as utilities personnel are quickly able to identify outages or problematic powerlines and transmission towers on the grid. This is especially useful for outages outside of routine checkpoints that are not serviced as often as primary inner-city grids.

Tait has a long history of working with utilities organizations of all sizes, in this article we take a look at two utilities at opposite ends of the spectrum. EA Networks in New Zealand manages 1,990 miles (3,200 kilometers) of distribution lines, while the European Enel Group manages 1.37 million miles (2.2 million kilometers).

Make productivity your priority with TAIT AXIOM Mobile for utilities.

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