Watch: The Right Portable Accessories for Each Job

Workers in critical industries rely on clear, instant communications. The right choice of accessories for each role can mean calls are heard first time during both normal operations and emergencies.

Lets take a look at some examples of how using the right accessories can improve safety and productivity in a number of mission critical industries.

Tait Portable Radio Charging in VehicleMining is an incredibly demanding job which exposes workers to various physical risks such as extreme temperatures, extended hours and rigorous shift work. Mining personnel are often out in the field, unable to charge their battery powered equipment. Tait offers Battery and charging options for long shifts, to help workers stay connected all day in remote environments, ready to communicate at a moment’s notice, should an incident occur.

2 men working on a utility plant involving oil and gas.

Oil and Gas utilities workers operate in remote environments alone, at great heights, and with flammable substances that can cause small fires or large explosions if ignited. It’s important that their portable radio equipment and accessories are Intrinsically Safe and don’t create sparks. Tait offers Intrinsically Safe accessories for explosive environments, keeping teams safe and connected wherever they work.

American police officer in the day timeLaw enforcement officers have a highly mobile work environment. They are on wheels one moment, then hitting the ground running the next. It’s crucial that their communications equipment is readily accessible to use at a moment’s notice. Tait offers easy to use and instantly accessible wearable audio accessories.

2 firemen navigating their way through a burning building, firehouse in hand.

Fire services are first responders to forests, buildings, and vehicles set ablaze. In situations where oxygen is limited, and using conventional handhelds is not an option; emergency responders require a wide range of comms equipment that is compatible with their breathing apparatus. Tait offers specialist communications accessories that fit safety gear required by unique roles.

2 Paramedics providing medical aid to a male patient, ambulance parked in the background.Paramedics respond to serious accidents where seconds count. It’s crucial that they are able to move quickly to provide lifesaving aid without being obstructed by their equipment. Tait offers carry options that allow the user to move freely with their device still being accessible for efficient use.

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