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City-bound Bus in London, England over Sunset

Transport organizations all around the world are seeing the benefits of incorporating broadband communications and location services into managing their fleets.

Public transport systems are necessary to help cities reduce road congestion and manage transport requirements of urban populations. Incorporating broadband communications for transport means creating a vehicle specific network which has several benefits:

  • Interoperability between bus location systems
  • Smart ticketing systems that can handle different ticket types and media
  • Access to custom IT applications
  • Reliable and more accurate timetables, and real time passenger information
  • Integrated transport network (including buses, trams and trains) for connecting trips across different connections and different operators.

Adopting broadband comms into your transportation network creates a transport system that is more efficient, flexible, and cheaper to run, that gives passengers a better experience.

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Real World Examples

Tait Communications has partnered with Telent to transform communications for a fleet of 1,500 buses across the West Midlands in England. Telent is a leading technology specialist in building, supporting and managing the UK’s critical digital infrastructure. 

This system consists of Tait DMR Tier 3 and TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions and is set to replace existing analogue technology and core communications infrastructure. Upgrading from an analogue system to a DMR Tier III system will provide an upgrade to speech clarity and system resilience of the network. This migration includes GPS positional tracking, emergency call prioritization, status messaging, smartphone PTT application and much more. 

This integration of broadband communications into the UK’s public transport system will initially be deployed in analogue mode and once all vehicles in the fleet have been upgraded with the new technology, the system will be switched over to digital. This deployment is set to minimize disruption and improve the traveling experience for users of a network that saw over 1.98 billion passenger journeys in 2020.

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Full article courtesy of Telent

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