Indoor Location Solutions for Safer, More Productive Teams

Being aware of the location of important assets, vehicles and people can boost productivity and worker safety. In this blog we take a close look at Indoor Location Solutions available from Tait and our partners.

Location Services are now essential in everyday life and have the potential to make a big impact in workforce operations. A well integrated location solution can dramatically increase worker safety and productivity by decreasing incident response time. In many industries, this means improved customer satisfaction due to higher performance, and reduced operation costs.

Tait provides a range of Location Solutions that cater to the unique needs of many industries, and integrate with both LMR and LTE networks. Outdoor operations use Tait Location Solutions such as Tait GeoFencing, High Speed Polling and mapping applications integrations that rely on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). For indoor operations, satellite based systems can’t easily be used for Location Services, so what can be done?

How Indoor Location Works

Tait Location Solutions support both outdoor and indoor tracking. In addition to GNSS, Tait TP9300 and TP9500 DMR portable radios can use Bluetooth to interact with a tracking protocol known as iBeacon. iBeacon is a technology developed by Apple that allows devices to find their location relative to other devices. 

An iBeacon is a low cost, low power device that can be easily installed at indoor location checkpoints such as walls and doorways. The iBeacons continuously broadcast a signal that can be detected by Tait radios. When a Tait portable radio is within proximity of an iBeacon a location update will be sent over the Tait network to a mapping application.

The location of your team members throughout your facilities is not only helpful to manage your operation efficiently, but also means that you know where to send help if an emergency alarm is raised.

Mapping Software Applications

A software application is used to show control centre operators and dispatchers the location of assets and team members on a map or floor plan.

Tait has integrated with and can supply the TruFleet application from Tait Endorsed Partner Tallymatics. TruFleet is a real-time, easy to use, and displays both indoor and outdoor location tracking information in a single application.. 

Customers can also choose to use other iBeacon mapping applications with Tait Indoor Location solutions, utilizing the Tait Indoor Location Gateway and API to connect to Tait DMR networks.


Learn how Tallymatics TruFleet delivers accurate, reliable GPS-based fleet tracking and auditing on your existing communication network – so you can improve safety, performance and your bottom line.

Learn more about Tait Location Services.

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