Logic Connect Manages Safety and Productivity in London Skyscraper [Video]

One of the largest office buildings in Britain integrates their Tait DMR system and smart devices with Logic Connect – a cloud-based tracking platform, to manage health and safety risks and improve productivity.

22 Bishopsgate is a commercial skyscraper in London’s financial district. It stands at 278m (899ft) tall with 62 levels. Tait dealer CSE Chatterbox have provided a complete communications solution for the building, integrating Logic Connect with a Tait DMR Tier 3 system, portable radios, and smart devices.

Developed by Logic Wireless, Logic Connect is a cloud based location services and lone worker emergency management platform. It provides indoor and outdoor location tracking of radios and smart devices, including lone worker and emergency alerts, and voice recording.

Logic Wireless is a specialist distributor of business-critical communications products, solutions and accessories in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, supporting manufacturers such as Tait Communications and Sonim Technologies, complemented by Logic Wireless’ own hardware and software.

In this video, Peter Bicknell, Head of Engineering at 22 Bishopsgate, describes how important this solution is for managing such a large facility, and the safety of its staff.

Users are able to trigger an emergency alert either manually or automatically. The location of emergency alerts are displayed on a web client and sent to pre-defined cellular devices and email addresses. The platform stores all events and location data, which can be reviewed in various report formats and in real time to facilitate a safe and productive work environment for the team at 22 Bishopsgate.

Paul Brooks, Director & Logic Connect Team Leader states “Using Logic Connect you can monitor the safety of staff members who are working alone or in high-risk environments and can receive an alert when a team member needs emergency assistance,” he says. “Because the tracking platform is fully customisable and can operate across Land Mobile Radio or cellular devices, we are finding that it suits businesses in a wide range of industries such as agriculture, transport and logistics, utilities and facilities management,” Brooks says.

The system can also be used to produce proof of service reports for maintenance and other activities; to set service reminders for vehicles and other assets and to track the amount of time machinery spends idling.

“These features can help businesses improve the productivity of their operations, increase efficiencies and reduce costs,” Brooks says.

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