We’re Moving – Domain Name Change

On February 22nd we’re changing our domain name from taitradio.com to taitcommunications.com

After rebranding from Tait Radio to Tait Communications some time ago, we are now updating our web domain to reflect that.

If you have any bookmarked pages, please update them to the new domain. You can do this by changing the ‘taitradio’ to ‘taitcommunications’.

All email from Tait will now come from @taitcommunications.com addresses. Please inform your IT department to whitelist email from this doming so you don’t miss any correspondence from the Tait team. Any email sent in reply to old taitradio.com email addresses will be redirected to that team member’s new address.

Tait Communications LogoDo you have a question regarding our domain change? Contact Us.

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