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An RF channel occupies a certain amount of space on the radio spectrum. What is the most efficient use of this small chunk of the radio spectrum that makes up our channel? Learn more about FDMA & TDMA in our Basic Radio Communications course on Tait Radio Academy.

‘The Difference Between FDMA and TDMA’ lesson is a free resource provided by Tait Communications as part of our Basic Radio Awareness course. Tait Radio serves as an informative point of reference for critical information served by industry professionals in critical communications. This lesson instructed by Dr. Jan Noordhof explains the difference between FDMA & TDMA and the process of both.

Explore the inner workings of FDMA, TDMA, and RF Channel Bandwidth in ‘The Difference Between FDMA & TDMA’ lesson on Tait Radio Academy, as a part of the Basic Radio Awareness Course

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