Introducing TAIT AXIOM Handhelds

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Bring teams together with Tait TeamUp, a handheld smart device app integrated with TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions. Designed to bring smartphone users into existing radio talk groups, Tait TeamUp removes the communication barriers created by different devices.

TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions

In 2021, we introduced TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions as a communications platform that combines the resilience of radio networks and the applications of cellular networks to create a safer and more productive working environment. An exciting element of this platform is the next generation of vehicle communication systems, TAIT AXIOM Handhelds.

Allow individuals and teams anywhere in the world to collaborate and exchange information with other users or groups, regardless of their preferred device type. Continue to conduct business and provide teams access to forms, work instructions, and incident reports in real time. Bring teams together with Tait TeamUp.

Connect Your Teams at the Push of a Button

Enable interoperability and PTT communications between individuals and teams using smart devices and radios regardless of network or location.

Boost Collaboration and Keep Everyone Informed

Share real-time information with a contact or a group via text messages, location sharing, and multimedia – such as videos, file sharing, and live stream video.

Help Teams Work Faster

Turn recurring tasks into templates that guide users through workflows, speed time to completion and reduce errors.

With Tait TeamUp, your team can expect to:

  • Bring Your Teams Together – Overcome your communication and collaboration challenges with device interoperability.
  • Alert Your Team to Emergency Situations – Quickly signal dispatchers and team members when hazards arise. A one-button push sends an emergency call and message to identified contacts and groups, accompanying lone worker and man down
    capabilities alongside geofencing notifications.
  • See and Capture Events as They Happen – Provide on-scene context to remote teams using smart devices, share live video with dispatchers all while still making and receiving calls.
  • Get Work Flowing Smoothly – Automate and digitalize existing paper-based tasks, speed up approvals and reduce data errors by enabling collaborative work processes.

Tait TeamUp eliminates communication barriers. bringing about greater workplace safety:

  • Field technicians can provide local context to remote engineers using video streaming.
  • Fire crews can monitor firefighter safety and performance using location information.
  • First responders can communicate with support staff equipped with smartphones.

Thanks to Tait TeamUp, your team can feel safe knowing that no matter the device in their hand, their calls will be heard.

Tait TeamUp LogoRead more about Tait TeamUp as part of our TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions here.


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