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If your organization relies on critical communications, whether you are a beginner or seasoned expert, maximizing your radio communication knowledge and skills are essential to doing your job well and keeping you and your team safe.

Our Basic Radio Awareness course is here to help. Here you can learn everything there is to know about the basics of radio communications.

Basic Radio Awareness Course

The Basic Radio Awareness course is a free resource provided by Tait Communications on our Tait Radio Academy platform and serves as an informative tool useful for users learning the basics of radio communications for the first time, or seasoned industry experts coming back for a refresher on the basics.

The Basic Radio Awareness course is a 3 lesson course containing 15 separate video modules detailing the foundations of critical communications in radio, instructed by Dr. Jan Noordhof, a consultant with over 20 years’ experience in critical communications, covering topics like communication, modulation, trunking, propagation, TDMA and FDMA, and much more.

Registering with Tait Radio Academy will give access to the Final Assessment portion of this course. You are able to test your knowledge and download a certificate upon completion of the course.

We invite you to freely utilize this course and it’s contents for training on the basics of radio communications in your organization.

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  1. Edwin Rose says:

    I cannot access your provided radio courses, it states that the website is not safe and that its certificate has expired by a day.

    • Hi Edwin,

      This ‘expiry’ of our web certificate is due to our recent domain change from to If you click’ advanced’ you should have an option to ‘proceed regardless’ to the Tait Radio Academy course page.

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