Introducing the TAIT AXIOM Mobile

Increase worker safety and productivity by enabling seamless movement between communications networks, with access to applications and workflows at the network edge. TAIT AXIOM Mobile utilizes cloud-based applications so your team can go further, safely.

TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions

In 2021, we introduced TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions as a communications platform that combines the resilience of radio networks and the applications of cellular networks to create a safer and more productive working environment. An exciting element of this platform is the next generation of vehicle communication systems, TAIT AXIOM Mobile.

Venture Far Beyond Radio Coverage

Your team can work in confidence in and between areas with low or no radio coverage by automatically switching to broadband networks, so your team stays connected seamlessly via Push-to-Talk, VoIP, cellular, video calling with interoperating services.

Boost The Range of Your Productivity

Turn your vehicle into a communications hub by boosting the range of all connected devices in your team. Monitor and join conversations, change channels, and make emergency calls while working away from your vehicle using our smartphone app that connects directly to the TAIT AXIOM Mobile device.

Keeping Working Past the Network Edge

Ensure work continues even outside network coverage by hosting and processing workforce applications and their data locally and once back in network coverage, are automatically updated.

a utility truck with cellular and radio icons above it

With TAIT AXIOM, your team benefits from several key features:

  • Freedom To Roam Free your mobile workforce from the constraints of operating in a single network by making Analog and Digital radio, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Public and Private cellular instantly available through an intelligent vehicle network that travels with them.
  • Extend Work Processes to The EdgeRemove the reliance on remote access to centralized applications by executing work processes locally on a customizable computing platform. Data is stored and can be ready for automatic upload once network connection becomes available, after a work order is completed, or at the end of a shift.
  • Automate Manual Routines Using External Inputs Implement workflows on the mobile device that use external inputs like location, proximity to sensors or data from third-party providers to perform otherwise manual actions such as automatically.
  • Simplify and Ensure Secure Data ExchangeReduce the complexity and security risk of managing multiple in-vehicle devices by assigning one powerful appliance the responsibilities of a broadband access point, IP router and communications manager. Traffic exchanged between applications and devices.
  • Smart AccessibilityEasily connect devices and sensors for smarter control and access by automated workflows.
  • Onboard Voice Recording – Record every voice call regardless of network or bearer, including off-network
  • Broadband OTAP – Dramatically reduce radio network traffic load and the time to deliver updates to the fleet by using broadband connectivity.

TAIT AXIOM Mobile Head Control Units

People familiar with Tait products will know of Tait Unified Vehicle. TAIT AXIOM Mobile represents the next evolution of that product, connecting your vehicle fleet to cloud hosted applications, and other broadband enabled TAIT AXIOM devices.

TAIT AXIOM Mobile provides lone workers and teams with an all-in-one communications system to ensure their safety in a changing and otherwise hazardous work environment where network connection is not always guaranteed. Interoperability between devices is paramount to worker safety, ensuring that your team’s distress calls are heard and the information they receive is accurate.

We are excited to provide our TAIT AXIOM Mobile solutions to essential services and industries around the world to help create a safer and more productive work environment. Contact us today and an expert will be in touch about how your team can take full advantage of TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions in your workplace


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    Congratulations for releasing this most innovative hardware solution and systems tool.

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