Lessons for New Radio Users

Do you have new radio users in your organization? If training field staff in the use of their communications devices is important to you, we have great news! Tait Radio Academy offers free online educational resources dedicated to providing easy to follow lessons to help improve radio and communications systems knowledge – from basics for new users, to advanced technology descriptions.

Workers in critical industries rely on their radios to do their jobs and stay safe. Despite the importance of communications, many new users get little-to-no training on the proper etiquette and principles of using their radio, leaving them at risk during emergency situations.

How do I use a portable radio?

When you’re new to radio comms, you might not know any more than the jargon you’ve seen on TV shows. Does ‘over’ mean the conversation’s over? Does ‘echo’ refer to audio quality? What’s the phonetic alphabet?

If this sounds like members of your team, Tait has got you covered: we’ve put together a short course that goes through the best practices for radio usage. Learn all about radio operation fundamentals in the Best Practice for Radio Users course on the Tait Radio Academy.

Best Practice for Radio Users

The Best Practice for Radio Users course provides bitesize, easy to follow courses on the basics of operating a radio. Learn things like:

  • How to use your radio: when to press the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button, when to speak, and how to perform regular radio checks
  • Microphone Manners: how to properly press and talk into a radio for optimum audio quality
  • Phonetic Alphabet: how to say letters in the clearest way possible
  • Procedure Words: specific words that have unique meanings in critical communications.

Each module in the course consists of several short videos, written text, a PDF study guide, and once you have completed all the lessons, you can take a final assessment to earn a Tait Radio Academy completion certificate in Best Practice for Radio Users!

Need to select a portable radio, or learn more about important features? Download our free Portable Radio Selection Guide to find out what to look for.

Air Force Cadets use Tait Radio Academy course to learn radio basics

The Best Practice for Radio Users is a great course for users in all industries. Take, for example, the Australian Air Force Cadets from 210 Squadron, based in Toowoomba, Queensland.

The cadets use the Tait Radio Academy to learn basic radio procedures, the phonetic alphabet, and best practices for radio operation to ensure clear and concise communications. After a half-day classroom session, they put their skills to the test by sending and receiving phonetic alphabet encoded messages using portable radios.

These skills will assist the cadets when they complete their field-based training, as well as the aspiring pilots. At the end of the training, cadets received a Tait Radio Academy Certificate.

Tait Radio Academy

Want to know more? Check out this course and others at the Tait Radio Academy, where you can learn about anything from the basics of radio operation or wave modulation right up to comparative analysis of emerging radio standards!

The Tait Radio Academy is a free training resource, providing foundational education on a wide range of critical communications topics.  From basic radio awareness to Industrial Control Systems, there is a range of material for people in both technical and non-technical roles.

Register to Tait Radio Academy and unlock access to quizzes, downloadable study guides, the ability to join our Discussion Group on LinkedIn, and more.

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