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On busy campuses, dangerous situations can escalate quickly, making robust communications solutions a necessity. The Tait Campus Security solution is designed specifically for security personnel at commercial and higher education facilities. Watch this video presentation to find out how the solution can keep everyone on campus safe and connected.

Security staff rely on their comms to keep everyone on campus safe, which is why it’s essential that these are available at any time, from any location, on campus or off site.

The Tait Critical Communications Platform enables campus security staff to not just communicate instantly with their colleagues, but also see their location in real-time thanks to GPS location data, integrate with other key systems such as CCTV, Access Control and Fire Alarms, and much more.

Video: Tait Solution for Campus Security

So how does it work exactly? Hear from Philip West, Sales Engineer at Tait Communications, as he explores the elements that make up the Tait Campus Security Solution and discusses different use cases and benefits it can offer your organization.

Watch the video below to see the presentation:

Why Watch this Video?

Busy campuses need robust critical communications solutions tailored to security personnel to be effectively managed. The Tait Campus Security solution is a specifically designed holistic solution for security purposes, providing you with the technology you need when responding to an incident, or making sure remote workers are safe.

Watch this Webinar to learn about:

  • Dispatcher Software: Dispatcher Software provides the Control Room and managers with an intuitive visual representation of the system and the ability to interact with it via a clean and customizable interface.
  • Fire Alarm Integration: Integrate a variety of alarms into the radio system. When activated, radio users will be notified with audible and visual indications on their radio.
  • GeoFencing: The GeoFencing feature uses GPS coordinates to highlight dangerous areas on campus. If staff with radios travel into these areas, an alarm will automatically be activated.
  • Lone Worker Alerts: A feature that requires users to ‘check in’ through their radio on predetermined intervals. If they fail to respond, an alarm will be raised to the Control Room.
  • Tait TeamPTT: A Push to Talk application that operates on both iOS and Android devices. Tait TeamPTT allows users to communicate with radio users from a phone.

Tait Security Solutions

Our vision is to create safer, more proactive organizations by redefining the boundaries of critical communications. Want to learn more about the security solutions Tait can offer your organization?

Check out our security solutions, or get in contact.


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