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Campus security personnel face challenging scenarios every single day. Events can happen quickly, and staff need to have technology close at hand that they can trust and rely upon. Communication is essential. The faster people can communicate, the quicker a situation can be de-escalated and resolved, keeping everyone on campus safe and secure.

To keep everyone on campus safe, security staff need to be able to rely on their communications to be available at any time, from any location, on campus or off site. Whether it be academic institutes, offices, commercial properties, recreation parks or retail locations, busy campuses need robust critical communications solutions tailored to security personnel to be effectively managed.

So how do you ensure security staff have the tools they need to keep everyone on campuses safe? The Tait Campus Security solution is a specifically designed, holistic solution for commercial and higher education facilities. Scroll down to watch the videos and learn about the different elements that make up the Tait Campus Security Solution.

Dispatcher Software: Centralize your Critical Communications

Modern radio systems are controlled by Dispatcher Software. This provides the Control Room and managers with an intuitive visual representation of the system and the ability to interact with it via a clean and customizable interface.

The Dispatcher Software connects to the radio system via IP and doesn’t necessarily need to be installed onsite. The software is scalable and includes many features such as voice recording and auditing reports.

Lone Worker: Ensure the Health and Safety of Remote Workers

All Tait radios include a Lone Working feature – where a user must press any button on the radio within a designated time. If they don’t, they will receive a reminder, and if they still fail to respond, an alarm will be raised to the Control Room and to other radio users. This is a simple way to ensure the health and safety of staff and contractors when they are lone working onsite.

GeoFencing: Improve Worker Safety and Security

Using GPS coordinates, Control Room staff can use the GeoFencing feature to highlight dangerous areas on campus. If staff with radios travel into these areas, an alarm will automatically be activated on their radios and Control Room staff will be notified. This is a great feature that takes the manual activation away from the users of the radio system.

When users leave the dangerous area, the alert automatically deactivates, and the Control Room staff are made aware at the same time.

Fire Alarm Integration: Wirelessly Link Fire Alarms Across Campus

To ensure a swift and coordinated response to fire emergencies on campus, you need robust fire alarm integrations. The Tait Campus Security solution allows you to easily integrate a variety of alarms into the radio system.

When activated, radio users will be notified with audible and visual indications on their radio. The radio system can be used to link alarms from remote locations. Examples include notifying radio users and Control Room staff when a fire alarm has been activated.

Tait TeamPTT: Stay Safe and Connected from Anywhere

Tait TeamPTT is a Push to Talk application that operates on both iOS and Android devices. Tait TeamPTT allows users to communicate with radio users from a phone. This app is excellent for personnel who don’t need to carry a radio with them at all times, yet want to listen to and interact with radio users on an ad-hoc basis.

Additionally, TeamPTT users can communicate directly with one another. TeamPTT links the user to the radio system via IP using WiFi or via LTE 3/4/5G. This means the TeamPTT user doesn’t need to be onsite and can be working remotely and still communicate with the site’s local team. The app has a whole host of features that include dynamic group allocation, text/photo messaging and GPS tracking.

Keeping People, Sites and Assets Safe

Providing security services shouldn’t be a technology gamble. Critical communications solutions from Tait have proven trustworthy for 50 years. Connect staff and assets securely via radio, laptops, smartphones, sensors, or use vehicles as remote wireless communication hubs.

Connect a security guard on campus in a crowd of 50,000 shoppers, or a fire alarm in a hotel, with secure, specifically designed solutions. No matter what you’re entrusted to protect, Tait solutions can enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Tait Security Solutions

Our vision is to create safer, more proactive organizations by redefining the boundaries of critical communications. Want to learn more about the security solutions Tait can offer your organization?

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