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Advancing technologies are constantly enabling new ways to improve safety and efficiency for critical industries. To take advantage of these benefits, organizations need enhanced connectivity and applications specifically configured to support their operations and improve alerts and reporting. This is where mobile edge computing devices, like TAIT AXIOM Mobile, have a lot to offer. 

New technologies and applications can significantly enhance safety and efficiency for organizations, however, they also dramatically increase the amount of data needed to run them, pushing network bandwidth requirements to the limit. 

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So, how can organizations take advantage of innovation, without abandoning existing systems and networks, or overloading their communication networks?

TAIT AXIOM Mobile can capture, process, and analyze data in the field, doing some of the heavy lifting on the edge of the network, before passing on optimized data over the best available bearer, including radio, cellular and WiFi.

It also features a powerful Application Builder that allows you to create custom functions in TAIT AXIOM Mobile – and other devices and networks that are connected to it – to operate in ways unique to your organization’s challenges and requirements.

Want to know how your industry can benefit from the multi-bearer connectivity and edge computing capabilities of TAIT AXIOM Mobile? Read on to find out how organizations around the world are using it to enhance connectivity and create custom applications that dramatically improve worker safety and efficiency.

EA Networks: Web Forms over Digital Radio

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Utilities regularly face extreme weather events such as storms and floods that interrupt their local cellular networks.

This is why New Zealand utility company EA Networks needed a robust and reliable way of communicating accurate, data-based information during events like these. 

To solve this problem, Tait developed a Web Forms over DMR application to leverage EA Networks’ highly resilient and reliable DMR network. Transmitting data this way is far more accurate and efficient than talking it through over the radio, and keeps the voice channels free for critical communications. 

How the Solution Works
The workflow is simple: dispatchers send out work forms over the DMR network to the worker/operator in the field, who fills out the form and submits it back. Because a webform that’s hosted locally on TAIT AXIOM Mobile is used, there is no need to install any apps, and workers can use the devices they prefer.

Smart devices carried by workers don’t need a cellular network to access a browser and fill out the forms, because the WiFi access point of TAIT AXIOM Mobile is leveraged. Location data is provided using the GPS location of both the smart device and TAIT AXIOM Mobile, ensuring accurate location information is added to the Web Form data.

As a result, workloads of EA Network’s staff have decreased as vital information such as Radio-ID, location, time and date are automatically tracked and archived by TAIT AXIOM Mobile, changes and updates to the forms can be made using Tait EnableFleet OTAP over WiFi when the vehicles are in the depot.

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Woodie Woodie Mine: TAIT AXIOM Mobile

Pilbara Manganese’s Woodie Woodie mine was looking to enhance the coverage across and safety features of their comms network, and decided a Tait DMR Tier 3 system with added capabilities of the TAIT AXIOM Mobile AppBuilder best suited their needs.

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Because the site uses explosives for mining operations and is in a high-lightning strike zone, it’s essential that workers are warned well in advance.

This is where the TAIT AXIOM Mobile Application Builder proved invaluable for the Woodie Woodie mine, as it allowed its existing third-party lightning-alert service to be seamlessly integrated into the DMR network.

This way, lightning alarms could be auto-triggered on individual radios to clear blast areas and other vulnerable locations before impending lightning strikes.

Features like the lightning service integration are only the beginning of  the feature enhancements the Woodie Woodie mine has planned as a result of migrating to a DMR Tier 3 network and the added capabilities of TAIT AXIOM Mobile. The change has also enabled the mine to review and often simplify their emergency planning and safety procedures, because many of them were based on the limitations of the old system, which needed quite complicated workarounds.

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European Fire and Rescue Service: Biometric Monitoring

To provide a European Fire and Rescue service with a way to monitor the vitals of their firefighters, Tait used the edge computing capabilities and application platform of TAIT AXIOM Mobile. The solution that was proposed combined a third-party Sensor Electronics Module (SEM), mobile radios, portable radios and TAIT AXIOM Mobile.

How it works
Tait developed an application on TAIT AXIOM Mobile that polls the radios carried by frontline staff, asking for information from the SEM, that is connected to the radios via BlueTooth®.

TAIT AXIOM Mobile can then store, process and send that information over ethernet or cellular networks to a real-time dashboard application on a laptop or smart device.

This graphical interface gives incident command or support staff instant access to each of their team member’s physiological data. It also enables them to set a wide range of trigger alerts whenever dangerous levels of heart or breathing rates, stress levels, low activity, heat stroke or falls are recorded by the body-worn sensor.

Besides enabling real-time monitoring, the solution also stores the data captured by the SEMs on TAIT AXIOM Mobile. This information can then be used for post-incident analysis, training purposes, or identifying any long-term health effects of continued exposure to extreme conditions.

Learn more about the Biometric Monitoring solution developed by Tait here

Integrated, Flexible Solutions for Your Organization

To make working environments as safe and efficient as possible, innovative worker safety solutions that can be integrated with existing solutions to solve site-specific communications problems can be just what you need. 

Flexible solutions like TAIT AXIOM Mobile with its Application Builder allow you to converge your communications, integrating with new and existing systems to mitigate risks and hazards, adding immense value to worker safety and efficiency around your organization.

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