Webinar: Incident Ground Communications

Fire Fighter Using Radio

Firefighters face incredibly harsh challenges in the most hostile and punishing environments. Extreme conditions combined with the necessary safety equipment firefighters wear make it very difficult to communicate effectively. Richard Russell, Incident Ground Solution Architect at Tait Communications, has worked with fire services from around the world to develop a critical communications solution exclusively for the incident ground.

Fire and Rescue services around the world rely on critical communications solutions to stay safe and connected. They work in high-risk environments and face extremely challenging situations every day. This means that reliable communications systems can literally be the difference between life and death.

Free Webinar: Incident Ground Radio Solution

With so many different roles on the incident ground, it can be difficult to keep everyone connected during high-pressure events. How can you make sure everyone has the right equipment for the job, and that all this different gear works together seamlessly? Tait worked with fire rescue services around the world to develop a radio solution for the entire incident ground.

Watch our free webinar to hear all about this solution from Richard Russell, Incident Ground Solution Architect at Tait Communications.

“Our goal is to provide firefighters with consistent and high-quality communications across the incident ground for enhanced safety and security anywhere, anytime.” 

– Richard Russell, Incident Ground Solution Architect, Tait Communications

Why Watch this Webinar?

Simply buying an off-the-shelf radio solution is not enough to ensure a modern firefighter is safe and equipped to do their job. To ensure staff safety on the incident ground, you need a holistic solution that truly reflects every individual’s unique needs. The Tait Incident Ground Radio Solution brings together

for optimal safety and efficiency. Every element has been carefully selected with expert advice to enhance situational awareness, operational safety and ease of use. Tait Unified Vehicle, a mobile communications platform, provides connectivity via multiple networks, ensuring that urgent calls always get through.

Tait Unified Vehicle enables users to connect their radios or other devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops to access critical information over the strongest available connection. The result is a critical communications solution that keeps the entire incident ground connected, regardless of the different roles, locations or devices that are used.

Why Choose Tait for your Fireground Communications?

Tait has more than 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and delivering critical communications solutions to organizations that need to have complete confidence in the systems and people they work with. Fire and Rescue services around the world rely on Tait solutions to keep safe and connected: we provide them with solutions proven to operate in the most demanding situations and environments with absolute reliability and connectivity.

Unified Critical Communications for the Fireground

Want to learn more about Unified Critical Communications solutions for the incident ground, and find out how these solutions can benefit your operations?

Check out this brochure on UCC for the Fireground for more information!


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