Webinar: Digital Transformation for Mining

Mining is fast embracing automation and digital technologies across operations. These transformative applications all require business-critical network connectivity, and given the nature of mining operations, wireless broadband communications solutions are ideal. In this webinar, you can hear from the experts behind these solutions.

The digital transformation of mining is moving ahead quickly. Automating and connecting all digital aspects such as environmental monitoring, situational awareness, as well as predictive maintenance and workflow optimization across the mine has shown significant gains in productivity, predictability and worker safety.

Webinar: Digital Transformation for Mining: Safety and Efficiency

“Digital Transformation” is certainly a hot topic for critical industries, but what does it entail exactly? What benefits can it offer the mining industry, what are the challenges, and how can it be implemented? For an answer to these and other questions, watch our free webinar on Digital Transformation for Mining:

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Why Watch this Webinar?

Tait has a reputation for cost effective, high value solutions based on open standards. Backed up with custom capability and strong support services, Tait has provided critical communication networks for mining operations around the world.

Solutions like Tait Unified Vehicle offer unique mine safety features, such as Alert Tones and Weather Warning systems, to mitigate the specific hazards mines contend with. Integrating these features with Private LTE into an existing radio network can result in a rapid migration to a smart, modern communications solution.

Topics That are Discussed

  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Edge Computing
  • Leaky Feeders
  • Private LTE Networks
  • Tait Unified Vehicle
  • Customizable Applications
  • and more!

Wireless broadband networks such as Private LTE can support the connectivity needs of current and future digital mining applications, making these networks ideal connectivity platforms to enable mining’s digital transformation.

White PaperWhite Paper: Digging Deeper with Digital

Want to know more about smart solutions for mining, or see how these solutions can benefit your operations? Download this white paper to find out more.

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