Top 10 Stories from 2020

As this unique year draws to a close, we’d like to express how grateful we are for your readership, and take a moment to reflect on the Tait Blog stories that were most read this year. It’s important that we pay attention to the topics you enjoy, so we can continue to be a valuable resource to you. These include stories from around the world, Tait products, educational pieces from the Tait Radio Academy, and much more. 

We strive to be a source of valuable, interesting content. Lets take a look at at our most popular blog posts from 2020, starting at number 10:

10: Portable Radio Selection Guide

Portable Radio Selection GuideAudio Quality. Connectivity. Worker Safety. These are just a few of the essential features a portable radio should have, but what else should you look for? Tait published a thorough guide exploring the factors that should be considered before selecting the right portable radio for your workforce.

9: Remote Working Solutions

The year of the Zoom meeting. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way many organizations work and communicate, and many industries around the world have learned to rely on remote working solutions. We looked at a range of remote communication and monitoring solutions that have become indispensable this year.

8: Will LTE Replace LMR?

The question that’s been on everyone’s lips for several years: will LTE replace LMR? LTE is proving to be a game changer in critical comms because of its extremely fast speeds, high data capacity and low power consumption – but can it truly be considered mission critical? Dr Jan Noordhof explores this topic in this informative video.

7: Redefining Fireground Communications

The extreme conditions of a fireground, including the necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) can make it very difficult to communicate effectively. Tait worked with fire experts to create a total fireground communications solution, including specialist breathing apparatus, speaker mics with glove-friendly interfaces, and Intrinsically Safe radios for working in flammable environments.

6: Dual Band Radios

No matter the industry you’re in, chances are your operations span multiple areas and sites, and require cooperation with other organizations that are all working on different radio networks and frequency bands. Tait Dual Band radios enable switching between bands, so you can stay connected without installing multiple radios in your vehicles.

5: Creating the Next Generation of Tait Radios

The new range of Tait TP9500 and TP9600 portable radios was developed and brought to market with lightning speed, thanks to a well-devised Research and Development process, which included the use of 3D printing for rapid prototyping. Take a look at what went into bringing these 16 new models to life in this article.

4: New Rugged External Speaker

This video features the Tait Rugged External Speaker, a robust, chunky speaker that looks like it could survive a stampede. But it’s not just built Tait Tough, it also features excellent audio quality to cut through noisy working environments. Watch the video to compare it with competing speakers.

3: How to Clean and Disinfect your Radio

It comes as little surprise that during a global pandemic, hygiene best practices have been top of mind. Besides personal and workplace hygiene, responsible critical comms users want to make sure their equipment is safe and hygienic to use for both their own and other people’s safety. Learn how to clean your Tait radios properly in this blog.

2: The Tait Team is Growing

At Tait, our people are our most important asset, and our dedicated team of individuals all over the world work hard to deliver results for you. This year, our North American team grew to better serve the needs of our partners and customers in the region. Meet a few of the personalities working behind the scenes in North America.

1: Extend your Radio Functionality to LTE

Adding LTE capability to an existing LMR network offers more bandwidth and greater coverage when it’s needed, so workers can stay connected in more places. This video shows how a Utility company in New Zealand is taking advantage of Tait Unified Vehicle to extend their radio functionality to LTE.


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