Tait Staff Spotlight: Sohan Domingo

Tait Staff Spotlight

At Tait, we take great pride in serving the organizations that are so integral to our way of life: they keep communities safe, our lights on, transport flowing, and provide the raw materials for modern life. To provide them with the great support Tait is renowned for, we have a dedicated team of individuals all over the world that work hard to deliver results. In this blog we hear from Sohan Domingo, Lead Solutions Strategist: Applications & Devices at Tait.

Sohan works for Tait as Lead Solutions Strategist for Applications & Devices, and is based in Sydney, Australia. Sohan is passionate about bridging the technology gap between legacy voice systems and application interoperability in a mission critical environment.

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Meet Sohan Domingo, Lead Solutions Strategist: Applications & Devices at Tait

Tait Staff Spotlight: Sohan DomingoSohan started out as a Product Manager for Tait Unified Solutions in February 2019, before moving to the Solutions team. He has extensive experience in designing, deploying and selling solutions to public safety & utilities customers around the world, and is currently leading the strategy for software & LTE solutions at Tait, as part of the Global solutions team.

“I enjoy addressing customer problems. I don’t like selling products, I like to listen – there’s a reason we have two ears. Listening to customers enables you to gain a thorough understanding of their problems and needs, and ensures you can come up with a solution that’s exactly what the customer needs.”

Before joining Tait, Sohan worked in various voice communication and software organizations such as Siemens, Intergraph, Motorola, & Nokia. Outside of work, Sohan loves to read, do some coding and watch and play cricket with his kids.

We asked Sohan a few questions to get to know a little more about him:

You have a lot of experience in the communications industry  – can you tell us about that?

Well, I have a background in applications and communications networks, and for the last 16 years I have worked all over the world on public safety projects. Before starting at Tait, I worked for Nokia, where I was responsible for building the strategy around public safety mobile broadband, focusing on LTE networks, applications and the integration between legacy and new systems and applications.

Prior to Nokia I worked for Motorola Software Solutions, where I was involved with video analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Computer Aided Dispatching for public safety applications. Before that, I worked in Dubai for Siemens as a solutions architect designing Control Center Solutions for public safety and security, focusing on voice, dispatching, infrastructure, and networks.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I like reading, especially stories about innovative startup companies. I like to read about how ideas that started with two people in a garage have evolved to billion dollar industries today, and how it was achieved. What the secrets are behind achieving such big successes is something that fascinates me a lot. 

I also spend time also doing a bit of coding, especially around artificial intelligence and machine learning. From a physical point of view, I love cricket and spending time with my two boys who are cricket fanatics.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy addressing customer problems.

I don’t like selling products, I like to listen – there’s a reason we have two ears. Listening to customers enables you to gain a thorough understanding of what their problems and needs are, and ensures you can come up with a solution that addresses those specific needs and problems. 

Watch Sohan demonstrate our PTToX and Tait Private LTE Solutions at Comms Connect in Melbourne:

I love the challenge of solving customer problems, and the most rewarding part is when customers tell you how happy they are with a solution you worked on together with them.

What would be the title of your autobiography?

If I had to have a book, I would say “Success is not a Destination.” Success is about building yourself in all aspects of life and helping others build themselves as well. It’s a journey.

What’s the biggest professional challenge you faced this year?

Well, we rely a lot on our customers, and when you design solutions for customers, it requires a level of intimacy with them – no one is going to purchase a solution from you if they don’t know you. So if you want to provide solutions or services to people, you need to have that trust – they need to trust you, and you need to trust them.

So, one of the challenges I faced was the inability to meet customers face to face because of COVID 19. Everything has been online. And I think online is great; you can communicate things about your technology and what it can do for the customer. But I feel the level of human intimacy and relationship building that’s really required to build a level of trust can only be established by meeting with customers face to face.

Another challenge I faced was changing the perception of Tait being a company that just sells radios, a lot of people know Tait as a traditional LMR company. But these days, we offer more than just great radios; we can provide innovative software solutions, we are into artificial intelligence and machine learning, convergence of different technologies, etc.

How do you change that perception? You change that through innovation, you change that through regular meetings with your clients, through listening to them, and bringing them solutions that aren’t traditional LMR. A 1000 mile journey starts with a single step.

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?

Not everyone knows this, but I play the guitar. I love music. I like country music, and one of my favorite songs is Country Roads by John Denver. I play country songs, pop and a little bit of worship songs as well. I like worship songs, because I think they can really touch someone’s heart.


Sohan brings great expertise and an exciting vision for the future to the table – we’re thrilled to have him on the team at Tait! Sohan reports to Scott Jones, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Tait.

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If there’s anything Sohan or the team at any of our regional offices can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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