Why Personalization Matters in a Portable Radio

Reliable, functional, efficient, and durable. These are all requirements a portable radio should meet. But what about options to personalize your radio? Does your job require the radio to be visible? Need to identify talk groups or add functionality? Or perhaps you want to label individual radios? There are many benefits to having personalized radios.

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There are many reasons why organizations need flexible, personal radios. Having options to instantly identify and distinguish different radios saves time and avoid confusion, and hi-vis radios are easily spotted if dropped.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the benefits a personalized portable radio fleet offers.

High Visibility

Lime green High Vis Tait Radio

Traditionally, portable radios are black. That may be handy if you need to be discrete, but more often than not, black radios just cause frustration and waste time when they cannot be found. So although it sounds trivial, having a choice of colors is important. High visibility radios are the safest when on a construction site or mine site for example, where you need to be able to locate your radio at all times.

“Black blends in, especially if you’re in the woods searching. But you can see these colored ones, mine’s yellow and easy to spot.”       

– Phillip Brown, Fire Chief, Quitman Fire District, LA, USA

Different Configurations

Portable radios that come in a variety of colors are functional, too. Different teams within organizations often have their own unique communications requirements, and their radios may be programmed with different channels, talk groups, or functions according to their specific needs.

Assigning a different color to each person or team helps them identify the portable with the right functions for their duties.

Custom Labeling

Radio labels are an easy, affordable, and completely customizable way to manage your fleet. Labels can contain any information that helps to identify the radio. This information makes fleet management easier if the radio is lost, or you need to know where a particular portable is, and who is using it. Labeling also makes it easier to track performance of individual units, and users can be held accountable if damage occurs.


Another reason to personalize your radios could be to match them to your organization’s branding guidelines. This way, you can make your radios recognizable and make a statement with your brand colors, or promote your organization with a logo and contact information. Some radios are even able to show your organization’s logo or emblem on the start-up screen.

Tait Personalization Options

Upgrade, customize and personalize your radios with Tait TP3

All Tait portable radios have color and labeling options, so you can personalize your radio fleet to your individual requirements. The Tait TP3 series offers great value and maximum flexibility, available in DMR Tier 2 and analog. This ergonomic radio gives you the power and flexibility to choose the color, display, keypad, and labels for each radio.

This means you can create radios that are unique to your organization, talk groups, or even specific individuals, and if at any point you need to make adjustments to your TP3 radio fleet, you can change or upgrade the user interface at any time!

Portable Radio Selection Guide

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