Benefits of Unified Critical Communications: Fire Services

Unified Critical Communications (UCC) is beneficial to all industries, but each industry will utilize the advantages of multi-bearer networks in ways specific to their operating environment. Continuing on with the fourth lesson of the Introduction to Unified Critical Communications course, we explore the benefits a UCC strategy can bring to fireground communications. 

The Challenges of Fireground Communications

Fire communications revolve around a somewhat unpredictable structure, where everything is quiet until a fire is reported. From there, it’s ‘all go’ as firetrucks race to the scene, a fireground command post is set up, critical data about the first scene pours in, an initial size-up is made, a plan of attack is shared, and men and equipment are deployed to bring the blaze under control.

Frontline staff still rely on radio, which allows them to communicate with each other using Direct Mode even when contact with the command post network is lost. However, fire communications systems are no longer radio-only as data and data applications have brought CAD-CAM intelligence, GIS maps, images, and real-time video directly to the command post.

How UCC Benefits Fireground Communications

Unified Critical Communications can support this by allowing the use of multiple networks and devices, keeping everybody better connected and better informed, and reducing response times. Having a wider array of communications technologies at hand also provides more options for interoperability with other agencies, such as law enforcement and medical support.

Fires can change their behavior quickly, so close monitoring of the fire and knowing the location and status of firefighters is essential for improving situational awareness. Better information that is constantly updated and widely shared can make all the difference.

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